Toro Bravo would like to extend our gratitude to the Portland community for the support and patronage over the last ten years. We have gone from a Spanish-inspired restaurant to an institution that incorporates cuisines from all of the regions of Spain influenced by our many travels throughout the years that have inspired us.

We look forward to welcoming our guests into our newly remodeled, gaucho-inspired dining room, featuring new leather banquets, more comfortable seating, noise reduction, and a completely updated kitchen line with state of the art equipment such as planchas and a Josper oven. The alcove room (aka “the make-out room”) has been redesigned for an intimate face-to-face dining experience.

Look for updated menu items, an expanded sherry menu and wine list with a “From the Vault” section featuring rare and unusual wines from around the world with a focus on Spanish and Portuguese wines.

Many thanks to the talented crew who made this possible: Level Plane Tile & Stone, general contractor Charles Arnold of Smith Arnold Inc, industrial designer Brett Smith, woodworker Tim Lundholm, metal craftsman Jeff Whitaker of Jeffmade, and artist Mo Fee.

Toro Bravo reopens Monday, March 13th with an open house party to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and remodel. The party is open to the public from 6-10pm at 120 NE Russell with complimentary tapas to try new menu items and a cash bar.