Tasty n Daughters

We are excited to announce that Tasty n Sons will close at 3808 N. Williams and Tasty n Daughters will open in early 2019 at 4537 SE Division in the space currently occupied by The Woodsman Tavern.

The Tasty n Daughters brunch menu will keep many of the Tasty n Sons’ favorites while adding some exciting new options. John Gorham says:

“You’re going to see a lot of the same brunch specials and items we’ve had at Tasty n Sons for years and a few surprises inspired by our trip to Istanbul this year."

John and our team will present a Turkish Breakfast Feast on November 17th at PLAZA DEL TORO inspired by their recent culinary tours of Istanbul, Spain and Israel.

The dinner menu at Tasty n Daughters will feature best-of’s from both Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder, such as the fried chicken, seasonal dishes from the Garden section, and classic steaks from a new Josper grill. John says:

“One thing that I really love to cook and have always been excited about is pasta. We’re importing a La Monferrina pasta extruder from Italy for a new homemade pasta section.”

The expanded wine program will be curated by Toro Bravo Inc Beverage Director Mindy Cook to complement Tasty n Daughters’ globally-inspired menu items.

“One thing that I like to do is offer a lot of choices. I’ve always been that way. This new space gives us the opportunity to expand nearly every aspect of our Tasty operation. We really respect the buildout of The Woodsman and we’re stoked to move into such a beautiful space. We’ve been asked to come to Southeast for years and so when the opportunity for this space was presented to us it was a natural fit.”