Aborígens - Local Food Insiders We always have an amazing time with Alex D. Cardona on our culinary trips to Spain. He is such an amazing host if you want more of a guide to help you discover the best of the city. It feels more like hanging out with an old friend than a tour guide.

Disfrutar This might be one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at, you'll need to try to book early.

Tickets Classic modern Spanish cuisine, you'll need to try getting a reservation early if you can't get in try Bodega 1900.

Bodega 1900 I might like this more than Tickets these days.

Quimet & Quimet You can't get more classic tapas then this place, go early and expect to eat standing and cramped.

Koy Shunka Amazing sushi focusing on Spanish bluefin tuna.

Palo Cortao This is a true locals restaurant, simple amazing Spanish food.

La Barra Great bar from a very high profile chef, do not miss the cheese cake.

Tapas 24 Same chef as la Barra great tapas.

Lolita Taperia Everything is good here not everything is great, i only go for the chicken strips.

Pinotxo This is in the boqueria In my opinion this is the center of barcelona cuisine.

Negroni Locals bar.

Dry Martini Swanky cocktails.

Martinez Great seafood with a view.

Dos Pebrots These guys focus on cooking from the oldest known cookbook.

El Nacional A tourist trap worth walking through and having a drink.

Canete I had an amazing meal here, i've heard it's still great but have changed owners since.

Els Casals This is a trip worth taking! A little outside of Barcelona. Some of the best sausages i’ve ever eaten.

Tossal Gros One of the first cooks i ever hired is the chef here. A bit of a drive. Tell Kaya Jacobs i sent you.

Barcelo Raval This is the hotel i usually stay at, clean, central, nice rooftop, not to expensive. Do not jump up and down in the elevator!!!

Lomo Alto Neat steakhouse, they age some of their beef for over 12 months. Get the tartare.

San Sebastian

Elkano This is my favorite restaurant in the world go for lunch get a reservation.

Bar Nestor Their claim to fame is they make the world's best tortilla, you have to pre-purchase and they only make two a day, also get a steak and a side of tomatoes.

Atari Gastroteka This tends to be our regular meeting place. they are busy and for a reason.

La Vina Extremely famous for their cheese cake don't miss this one.

La Cuchara I think they have the best pintxos in the area, be brave and try things that you might not normally get, elbow your way in its the culture.

A Fuego Negro Fun hip place, get a few burgers.

Pension Iturriza Great hotel they also have an amazing 2 bedroom apartment to rent, you can't get a better location or view. book now the owner speaks good English and loves to eat, ask him for current recommendations.

Arzac Michelin 3 stars, we had a good lunch here, they were the pioneers of modern spanish cuisine.

San Telmo Great locals spot.

Petritegi Sagardoa Cider house, we had an amazing meal here.

Broda Berri Get the Kebab de Castilla, pork ribs with curry.


La Bola This is the first place i go when i land, they are famous for cocido, don't stray.

Filandon This place is very special, it's a beautiful restaurant on the outskirts of the city.

Con Amor My good friend Juanjo is the chef owner here, ask him to come say hello.

Carbon Negro This is a lot like Fliandon a friend of mine is the co owner here.

Cafe Comercial Great place nothing extremely special but safe and easy easy. the baguette sandwiches are awesome as well as the churros.

Taberna Almendro 13 Great lunch working man's food.

Ten con Ten Great hip place this is place is a scene worth seeing.

Restaurante Amazonico Same owners as ten con ten, every chef's dream kitchen.

Taberna Laredo Classic simple

Portobello Amazing seafood. stay for the cordial at the end of the meal.

El Junco Cool little jazz club under the Hotel Palace Santa Barbara, I’ve seen some really amazing live music here. Turns into a nightclub after about midnight.

Mercado de San Miguel Very cool market, a bit of a tourist trap but well worth the visit.

Mercado de San Anton Another market worth checking out, this one is more focused on the locals.

Botin This is the oldest restaurant in the world, it’s a tourist trap, but there is a reason they have survived this long, just get the suckling pig and move on.

Estado Puro Very modern hotel restaurant, I‘ve always had great food here.

Liberata Club Madrid night club. Remember Madrid nightclubs don’t really get going until around 3am.

Bibo Danny Garcia restaurant. I’ve had great meals here and good meals here.

Habanera Crazy beautiful bar.

Ultranmarinos Quintin I love to pre dinner here. Amazing charcuterie.

Museo Chicote One of madrid's oldest cocktail bars

Teatro Barcelo (used to be called Pacha Club) night club, very fun, doesn't really get started until around 3am, dress the part!

Hammam al Andalus Madrid The most amazing turkish bathhouse, get a reservation. Don't miss this one.

Petit Palace Santa Barbara This is usually where i stay all of the Petit Palace hotels have been great.


Asador Terete This is in Haro, they specialize in roasted young lamb cooked in a giant wood oven.

Bar Lorenzo Tapas.

Especialidad bar Soriano They specialize in griddled mushrooms.


La Castilleria Beautiful outdoor steakhouse.

El Campero This is THE place to eat Spanish bluefin tuna.

Aponiente Michelin 3 stars. I liked but didn’t love it.

Ventorrillo El Nene Great steakhouse near Tarifa. This is where the bullfighters eat.

El Faro Amazing food, rumor has the king would travel to Cádiz just to eat here.


Casa Manolo One of the best meals I’ve had in Spain. The chef owner is also a friend.

Mercado Central Locals market, we had a great meal in the cafe in the center of the market.


El Capricho Buey is the focus! They have received awards for the best beef in the world. Get the morcilla this is in Leon.

Restaurant Landa get the morcilla, every chef I know in spain loves this place. It’s a bit strange at first. This is off the highway in Burgos.

Restaurante La Favorita Cool little place get the morcilla. Burgos.

Casa Divi We had a great meal here, really feels like a locals place.


Los Diamantes Amazing seafood, I think I ate here 4 times in 5 days.

La Rijana Beach (Castel de Ferro) Amazing beach with a simple cafe serving the days catch. You can rent paddle boards here.

La Mancha Chica Great Moroccan food, very simple place with great food.

Hammam al Andalus Granada Turkish bath house under the Alhambra.


Restaurante Serrano We had an amazing meal here when we passed through on our bike ride.