If you have recently dined in our restaurants, you may have noticed that we have added option to split your gratuity as you see fit by adding a kitchen tip line to your credit card slip. We'd just like to take a moment to share our reasoning and thought process behind this, but to also address some of the questions we have received since rolling this program out. 

First and foremost, this line is not an attempt in any way to elicit an additional tip from our guests, nor is it to subsidize the wages that we pay our kitchen staff. We have always paid a living wage to our kitchen team and until recently have also included them in the gratuities given to our floor staff. However recent changes to federal law made this last step of inclusion illegal, and now the laws are changing again in a way that could open the door for wage theft of hard earned gratuity. All gratuity will always go to our staff and we believe it's important to be completely transparent about our company's policy when it comes to tips with our floor and kitchen team and how they are distributed. 

While some restaurants have chosen to forgo tipping altogether and have either added a service charge or included gratuity in the price of the meal, we believe that tipping is still a fundamental part of both our culture and the dining experience. The kitchen tip line our way to give you the ultimate control and final say on how your gift of gratuity is distributed in a 100% transparent and law abiding manner. 

Don't feel comfortable making that call? Please feel free to either tip traditionally, or just write "share" and we'll do the math for you and share 20% of your gratuity with our hardworking kitchen staff. 

The nature of our business is based on passion and hard work, and by taking this step to reward all of our staff, we sincerely believe that this will only translate to an even better dining experience. The kitchen tip line is our way to provide a fair, legal, and transparent way of including our kitchen staff in the generous gift of gratuity from our guests. 

In addition to hospitality, education and consistency, one of our most fundamental core values inclusion. Be it from the farmers that grow our food, to the winemakers and purveyors that supply us, to the cooks and servers that prepare and serve your meal, to ultimately, you, our guest; We value every member of our team equally as they all play a key role in executing your dining experience.  

We thank you not only for dining with us, but for taking the time to better understand the reasons for taking this new step. We truly look forward to serving you again and again. 


The Team at Toro Bravo Inc. 

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