In the summer of 2016 John Gorham launched a Chefs in Residence dinner and event series, where he invites chefs to take over his kitchens to encourage collaboration and mutual enrichment between American and international gastronomic cultures.

The Chef in Residence series offer the American public the opportunity to enjoy culinary experiences from the best chefs from around the world while offering visiting chefs the opportunity to see the best of the West Coast.

In the first of this series, Gorham flew out Juanjo Canals from the restaurant Con Amor and David Ramos from Klimer in Madrid to further advance Spanish gastronomy in Portland.

The second and third editions of the series featured French chef Pascal Sauton followed by Israeli chefs Yaron Amar and Adam Barzilay from Shila restaurant and Ron Gibori from Jeremiah in Tel Aviv.


The Portland Meat Collective is a one-of-a-kind meat school and community resource that offers hands-on classes in slaughter, butchery, meat cookery, and charcuterie. As a gastronomic society for the advancement of the culinary arts,  PLAZA DEL TORO is proud to host PMC founder Camas Davis as a permanent Chef in Residence. The first round of PMC classes at Plaza are scheduled in January and February of 2017.



Our January 2017 Chef in Residence series featured five Israeli dinner events with three renowned chefs from Tel Aviv. Yaron Amar of Shila, Adam Barzilay of Shile Restaurant Group, and Ron Gibori of Jeremiah in Tel Aviv prepared a Moroccan-influenced feast at PLAZA DEL TORO, offer dishes on Shalom Y’all, Tasty n Sons and Mediterranean Exploration Company's menus, and cooked a collaborative Yemenite-influenced dinner with Toro Bravo Inc’s John Gorham and MEC/Shalom Y’all’s Kasey Mills at PLAZA DEL TORO.


We welcomed the renowned Chef Pascal Sauton as our second Chef in Residence. Pascal is a close friend to our restaurants - he even married John and Renee! He returned from retirement in France to cook at two PLAZA DEL TORO events. The first was a special dinner in remembrance of Pascal's downtown Portland institution, Carafe Bistro. Then Pascal squared off against St. Jack's Aaron Barnett at our 19th edition of VERSUS


Our first Chef in Residence was Juanjo Canals, chef/owner of Con Amor in Madrid, Spain. He joined us to cook a series of La Ruta del Toro events bridging the cultures of Spain and Portland through food and entertainment.